Duwell Compete N Grow

  • Especially designed for horses grazing on Kikuyu grass, young stock & broodmares, and competition or racing horses.
  • Ensures good bone growth for young stock.
  • Supports milk production for lactating mares.
  • Supports a healthy digestion.
  • Contains essential nutrients that support maximum physical performance and health.
Elemental amounts per 40g dose - 1 scoop (enclosed)

Magnesium - 5g (from organic and inorganic)
Calcium - 10g (from organic and inorganic)
Phosphorus - 7g
Boron - 10mg
Vit D - 10,000iu
Dosage (per day)

500kg-600kg horse on kikuyu grass and for lactating mares - 70g

500kg horse in work, racing or growing - 50g

350kg - 400kg pony or a horse in light work - 35g.

Dose rates are a guide only.

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