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With winter upon us, here is our Griffin Guide to keeping your horse looking it's best this winter.

Cold temperatures, mud and long coats can complicate grooming at this time of year, but with the right tools - it's easy and your horse will love you for it!



Horse Brushes

A plastic curry comb should be your best friend this winter. They are perfect for brushing out dirt and dust from long winter coats, whilst giving your horse a massage. Once you have brought all the dust/dirt to the surface, simply brush it away with a stiff dandy brush.

For easy winter coat removal, use the Quik Groomer to remove loose hair without damaging new growth.



Tail Care

Mane and Tail Conditioner

Braiding your horses' tail in winter is going to keep it clean and prevent the hair from getting damaged. Spray the tail with some CDM Mane and Tail Conditioner, then detangle the tail thoroughly with a mane brush. Plait the tail from the dock down, then secure with several rubber bands. For extra protection, put your horses tail in a tail bag.

Pro Tip - If your horse's tail is thick, plait it in several plaits, rather than one big one.



Spot Clean

 CDM Stain Master Spray

When it's too cold to bath your horse, spot cleaning the stains is the best option. The CDM Stain Master is our go-to product for spot cleaning or using as dry shampoo. Simply spray on and wipe off with a damp sponge or cloth. The results are immediate - it is so satisfying to use!




CDM Coat Shine

If you clip your horse in winter, spray your horse with CDM Coat Shine after your have finished washing your horse, prior to clipping. This will add instant shine and condition to your horses coat, as well as help your clippers glide through your horses coat with ease.

Pro Tip - CDM Coat Shine is great for helping stop rugs from rubbing.



Hoof Care

 Equine America Biotin XtraCDM Hoof OinymentCDM Daily Hoof Dressing and Barrier

Wet and muddy paddocks can be havoc for hooves, but a tailored approach to hoof management will ensure they stay in top form.

  1. Combat nutritional deficiencies with a quality Biotin supplement.
  2. Apply CDM Hoof Ointment to the coronet band to stimulate healthy new growth.
  3. Apply CDM Daily Hoof Dressing or CDM Daily Hoof Barrier for wet conditions, to care and maintain the existing hoof wall.


We would love to hear your Pro Tips for keeping your horse happy this winter - let us know in the comments below.

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Love these ideas! Stain master is my favourite just to get some of those brown patches off before show hunter 😂

Anna July 12, 2022

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