Horze Magic Carousel Pony Bridle

Color: Pink Salt

1 piece in stock.

Colourful bridle for young riders with smaller breeds.

The Magic Carousel Bridle is a bright addition to your pony's tack, thanks to it's colourful soft padding at crown and browband. The combined noseband features a lining in the matching colour. Colourful crystals in the browband make your pony stand out in the arena. Don't forget to get the matching Magic Carousel Rainbow Reins!


  • Pony size
  • Colourful padding at browband, noseband and lining
  • Matching shaped crystal browband
  • Combined noseband (width 3cm)
  • Removable flash strap
  • Noseband detachable on both sides
  • Reins not included (#10623)

Technical description:

100% Leather. Stainless steel buckles.

Washing instructions:

Wipe clean with damp cloth after each ride. Apply leather cleaner and conditioner as necessary.

Size Guide:

Size A Crown B Browband C Combined Noseband E -Cheek straps Reins
P 60 cm 32 cm 65 cm 95 cm 135 cm
C 65 cm 34 cm 72 cm 100 cm 140 cm
F 69 cm 36 cm 78 cm 105 cm 145 cm
XF 75 cm 38 cm 81 cm 110 cm 150 cm


While bridle sizes generally will fit horse sizes according to the size chart, horse head sizes do vary, and you should test the bridle first to make sure it is a good fit.


When the bridle is on, there should be a hand’s width between the chin strap and the horse’s jaw, two fingers’ width between the noseband and the horse’s nose, and you should be able to fit two fingers under the browband. The browband must not be so tight that it pinches behind the horse’s ears, nor be so long that it pulls the bridle forward.

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